Lá greathach!!

//Lá greathach!!

Lá greathach!!

Today I had the pleasure of:

– whatsapping Gabriella Bosio, one of the most successful harp teachers in the world

– chatting to Katharine MacMághnuis, director of Athenry Music School, whose unique genius lies in combining pragmatism and vision

– walking around the garden, counting my steps, carrying a harp. I was very tired so at this point I chose to stay in my pyjamas, which is currently a bright red reindeer onesie.

And due to these important activities, I have 3 bits of good news:

– we have a draft rehearsal schedule for the harp students participating in the British Suzuki Gala in the Royal Albert Hall and Royal College of Music, London next weekend

– I now know it takes an average adult 2:15 to walk 90m and ascend two flights of stairs with a 10kg harp on their shoulder, and…

– this leads me to believe that we shall be able to deposit 41 harps on the stage of the Royal Albert Hall by 7am next Sunday. But only, I think, if all harp movers are dressed in reindeer onesies.

… and all without threat of an eviction notice!! A good day, indeed! 🙂 Seo linn go dtí an céad céim eile!! 🙂






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