It’s a momentous moment.

I’ve just finished sending emails to 49 parents about this year’s lesson times with their NEW teacher.


Yup. I’ve decided to take a break for a year.

Why? Well, reason number one is burn-out. Last year I had 52 students, plus scheduled another 6 for our 2nd harp teacher (the marvy Méabh McKenna), timetabled and administered them all, prepared them for our regular 3 music school concerts, prepared them for and brought them to perform at an An Cúirt Cruitireachta, plus had a few hours in a local secondary school every week, plus gigs. I involuntarily became the skinniest I’ve ever been, having no time to eat anything but protein bars and turkey sandwiches for a year.

Reason number two is… I think that when I have some space, I might be more creative. And I’d love that.

Reason number three… I have so many ideas, both artistic and pedagogical, which I’d love to realise, and I never have the time with my full-time teaching load. With this space in my day, I could finally start turning my dreams into reality.

To my amazing 4 new harp teachers in Athenry Music School – Anna Szombathy, Sinéad King, Luke Webb, and Francesca Lundvall – I hope you get as much personal fulfilment, deep connection, technical development, creative inspiration, and sheer JOY out of teaching as I have. Many days I’ve started work in a terrible mood and by the end am walking on air. You can’t ask much more from a job!

To my dear, dear students: I have cried multiple times making this decision. I’m going to miss ye SOOOO much. But I’ve done an awful lot of work to structure the year so it’s as enriching and positive as possible for you. I pray that this is a huge step forward in your personal, technical, and creative growth.

To the sheer *legends* of harp parents: I admire ye all so much, and thank ye for following me on this absolutely MAD journey for the last 10 years. We’re taking a teeny bit of a detour, but don’t you worry… I’ll be back. I mean, where else can I get my counselling, business advice, home-made ‘wine’ (#it’s more of a ‘liquer’ 🙂 ) and side-splitting laughs??!!!

And to the general public: watch this space. Hopefully you’ll be hearing more from me in the next year 🙂

grá mór,


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