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I teach harp in a Gaelscoil (a school where students are taught through the medium of the Irish language). Last year our 6th Class harp students were invited to accompany some English-language hymns. Voilà, this tutorial for an English-language hymn… through Irish!  Even if you’re not an Irish speaker, I proffer this video in the hope that you may recognise the letter names, and find the visual and audio cues helpful. I include the chord chart below the video.

Chord chart: 


Or you can view the chord chart on a full screen, download it, and/or print it by clicking this link: Colours of Day.pdf

So – which works best for you? Are you a video-only learner, or do you use the chord chart too? If the latter, how do you use the video and chart together? Do the colours on the chart mean anything to you, or are they useless? I’m really excited to know what you think, via the contact page or in the comments!

Bain taitneamh as / Enjoy,



This song was written by a British religious folk band called “Parchment”, active from 1972-1978. All band members –  Keith Rycroft, Sue McClellan, and John Paculabo –  are equally credited as the composers of music and lyrics.  The song was originally published as “Light up the Fire”, but over the years has become better-known by its first line, “Colours of Day”.”