Athenry Music School Solo Concert Week 2017

//Athenry Music School Solo Concert Week 2017
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Athenry Music School Solo Concert Week 2017

Description: For four days in May, Athenry Music School takes over the Bistro in the Raheen Woods Hotel and fills it with the dulcet tones of over 300 students doing solo musical performances. There are three concerts daily; each concert is carefully designed to facilitate parents’ schedules, and to include a broad range of instruments and levels. As such the series is a hugely enjoyable array of touching student performances, rather than ‘Attack Of The Twinkles’! Each harp student performs a piece solo, and after the concert gets a medal and full access to a table loaded with goodies!

Date: Monday 22nd, Tuesday 23rd, Wednesday 24th, Thursday 25th of May

Student Arrival Time: 15 minutes before the concert starts

Concert Start Time: 16:00, 17:30, 19:00

Venue: The Bistro, Raheen Woods Hotel

Dress Code: Whatever the student wishes; students tend to dress as if they’re going to a birthday party.


 Harp, TUNED




(If your student is a diabetic or has specific dietary requirements, you may wish to bring a suitable alternative to conventional sweets so that they don’t feel left out at the table of goodies after the concert.)

Rehearsal schedule: The deadline for provisional piece choice, and schedule choice, is March 31st.  Solo performance can be very challenging; each teacher will make artistic decisions in cooperation with the individual student so that the student has the most positive concert experience possible. We acknowledge the vital presence of the listener in a performance context; if the student would benefit more from listening than performing we will suggest this option, and the student will get a medal, recognition, and access to sweets as if they had performed on their instrument.