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If you already play the harp – wahoo!! Congratulations, and I am honoured that you are considering me as a teacher*. Please feel free to peruse the resources and email me to tell me what you find helpful or not.

If you are considering starting the harp, then Athenry Music School is a really exciting place to learn the harp: you’ll be part of a big, energetic, community full of really nice and interesting people, a schedule brimming with concerts,  and a positive, welcoming approach where we believe everyone can learn.

At the time of writing – March 2017 – the harp teaching schedule is full. However, I have a waiting list for the harp department, which I review every September and usually manage to satisfy. So if you would like to put yourself or your child on the waiting list, then please fill out the enquiry form below.

…and we’ll be in touch! Looking forward to meeting you!


*I will only take students with the knowledge and blessing of their previous teacher.